Technical support

From software to peripherals, including computer networks, our experts can offer technical support to help you perform better in your daily tasks.

With a well-trained team with sufficiently interesting work experience, our professionals are chosen with care, to ensure maximum profitability.

Peace of mind is priceless

At home or remotely, our technical support services are available at professional fees billed by the hour, on banks of hours, or on monthly plans. If you opt for service outside normal business hours, SOFTBEC will assign you a specific representative to contact, in case of a problem, who will be available for you 24/7.

Consultation and analysis

No matter the size of your project, our experts will be happy to analyze your needs to help you find solutions that meet your objectives and your budget. We have a wide variety of internal and external consultants specializing in specific industry areas to ensure maximum performance and optimum results.

Installation et configuration

From computer networks to computers, laptops, software and peripherals (such as printers, scanners, etc.), our IT specialists make sure you install and configure secure and easy-to-use solutions to protect your investment. and your business.


Like any love relationship, to ensure maximum and perpetual performance, maintenance has an important place in the survival and performance of any project. At home or remotely, our specialists can perform periodic checks to ensure the upgrading and continuous security of the systems in place.

Support aux utilisateurs

Available 24/7, our specialists can be reached at any time for immediate technical support. From basic questions to advanced questions, from using Microsoft® products to using our own solutions, our team is trained to give you quick and effective answers in record time.


Did you know that...

We are recognized as computer experts at the cours du Québec.

Members of your team work with various lawyers across Canada to provide IT services and expert reports that can help the legal platform better understand information technology issues. We take care of recovering deleted and / or altered documents, analyzing technologies that may have fraudulent intentions or do not meet the expectations provided for in the contractual agreements.

Our expert will go to the course to testify to the noted findings relating to your file.