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With or without an operator, SOFTBEC offers turnkey weighing solutions adapted to the reality of companies working in the construction industry.

Targeted sector

Improve the profitability of your truck scales

If you are in the construction industry and have a truck scale, having OTO Nom-i is a must have!

OTO Nom-i is much more than an easy-to-use ERP/CRM application. It is a specialized application for companies which base their business activities on the use of a truck scale. Since , all the functionalities have been studied and optimized in order to reduce your operating costs and maximize your income.

Eliminate congestion on your truck scale. Thanks to intuitive ergonomics, it only takes a few clicks to complete, weigh, print and invoice your weighing transactions. Simply select the truck, or the contract, the system will automatically fill in all the information of your ticket. You just have to capture the weight and it’s done.

Here's a simplified list of included features

  • Multisite management replicable in real time

    No matter how many sites you manage, your data can be replicated automatically from one site to another. In addition to acting as an automatic backup mechanism for your critical data, data replication ensures the standardization and homogenization of all of your business data. You thus avoid the multiple entry of information on your different sites (such as the creation and modification of customer accounts, supplier accounts, products, contracts, trucks, price charts, etc.), inconsistencies and errors that this kind of practice can cause.

  • Real-time multibale management in "Plug & Play" mode

    Whatever the brand and model of your scales, if your indicators can communicate, OTO Nom-i can manage them. Connect your indicators to your PC, identify them by associating them with the right communication ports and voila! You immediately benefit from real-time management of your scales to allow display, single or multiple captures (by axle) of weights and remote control of your scales. Obviously, manual weight entry can be activated when needed.

  • Management of daily and total cumulative on several levels

    OTO Nom-i is used to manage daily cumulative and total cumulative on several levels. These rollups can be based on customer / supplier, product, contract, carrier, vehicle, mode of transaction, and more. In addition, OTO Nom-i can notify operators when contractual objectives are met, or about to be met, to prevent unauthorized, and possibly non-billable, overflows of activity on your scales.

  • Over 200 customizable reports, including MTQ V.0150 and V.0863

    From production reports to statistical reports, you'll have no trouble finding the right information to keep your business running smoothly. OTO Nom-i also allows the generation of government reports, such as V.0150 and V0863 intended for the MTQ as well as royalty reports intended for the Ministry of the Environment. All reports are customizable thanks to a report editor distributed free of charge with the application. They can also be emailed and / or exported to popular file formats, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF), HTML and XML.

  • Automatic tare reminders (empty weight)

    Reduce traffic on your truck scales with automatic tare reminders. OTO Nom-i not only allows to memorize the last tare of each truck, but can also manage and report inconsistencies, errors and usage authorizations so as to ensure an application in accordance with the standards and regulations defined by Weights and Measures Canada.

  • Management of excess weight

    No longer fall victim to almonds due to overweight. OTO Nom-i can warn the operator and / or can block the exit of a truck in case of overweight. The system can manage these excess weight as much during thaw periods as in normal periods, by considering the various influential factors such as provincial zoning (Zone 1, Zone 2 or Zone 3 in Quebec) and vehicle classification ( 10 wheels, 12 wheels, with or without removable axle, etc.).

  • Access to a customizable dashboard per user

    Each user can customize their dashboard to ensure maximum efficiency. Scale operators will thus be able to have a real-time view and quick access to current weighing transactions. Administrators, on the other hand, can benefit from statistical widgets offering a global view of all your company's activities and recorded performance, allowing them to make judicious and informed administrative decisions.

Interesting options

Sequential interface on "TouchScreen"

The interface of the OTO Nom-i software can be reorganized so as to offer your operators and / or your drivers the possibility of following a predefined filling sequence on a touch screen.

This same technology is used, and could be used, in unmanned weighing systems.

Photo capture during weight captures

For each weight capture, OTO Nom-i can take a photo of the truck and its contents in order to support administrative decisions regarding invoicing.

Plate recognition

When the truck passes the scale, a photo capture of the plate will allow automatic recognition of the vehicle. If the vehicle exists, a blank transaction will be automatically pre-filled, otherwise a new truck file will be proposed.

100% automated truck scale

With OTO Nom-i, it is possible to operate 24/7 without an operator. Replace your operator with detection loops, signal lights, access barriers and a «TouchScreen» interface to allow drivers to enter their ticket information. Cameras can capture a photo of the truck and its contents for verification and quality assurance audits.

Electronic payment to the balance

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