SOFTBEC offers you a range of services to ensure the continual efficiency of your company’s various processes.

Carefully chosen, all our professionals are continuously trained in new technologies and working methodologies to ensure the continual efficiency of your business.

Help Center

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Sales and advices

Need information about our products or our services? Whether you are ready to buy or just looking for information, our advisors are here!

Our team of specialized advisers are there to help analyze your needs and develop a solution tailored to you to ensure a return on investment in the short term.

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Customer Service

Need information about your billing? Do you have any comments to share with us? Looking to activate your app?

Our customer service agents are there to help you with all your administrative issues unrelated to our products or our services directly. It is to them that we must speak to report a change of address, request a copy of an invoice, modify the accesses of your customer / supplier account.

Technical Support

Need help with your software? Need training or a personalized report?

Whether it is to help you use a feature of our software, to understand an error message or to resolve a technical failure, our experts are at your disposal.

To have access to technical support, you must have an active service plan or a bank of hours previously purchased.

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