Goods rentals

From planning to execution, our solutions combine all platforms (PC, Web and Mobile) to ensure efficient and optimal management.

Targeted sectors


Manage your rentals in three (3) easy steps

No more lost merchandise and forgotten invoices. Whether it is a short-term or long-term rental, SOFTBEC offers solutions adapted to the areas of rental with three (3) easy steps and accessible on all market platforms. These solutions have been studied and optimized over the years to ensure you have unparalleled control over the merchandise you rent.



This step consists of planning the date and time when your customer wishes to receive the merchandise for rent or to dispose of the merchandise already rented. It can be done via your dispatcher (by phone or by email), or via our automatic dispatcher thanks to our «Customer Access» interface which allows your customer to place his orders 24/7 via the Web.

At the right time, your drivers are automatically notified, on their cell phones and / or tablets, of the tasks to be performed and a route assigned to them to allow them to efficiently manage their execution times and optimize their trips.



Throughout this step, your dispatcher is aware of the development of activities thanks to the various utilities made available to him. It can know when the tasks were started, when they were finished, as well as the GPS position of your drivers, all in real time.

When the task is finished, the driver will be able to have the customer sign directly on his cell phone or tablet, thus ensuring real-time monitoring, both ecological and economical, of your activities. An automatic notification can be sent to your customer and to any member of your organization, such as billing.


Follow up

Our utilities advise you of the tasks to be undertaken, ranging from merchandise collections to invoicing. This will ensure that you keep tight control over your management and thus avoid forgetting your belongings with your client. All the tools have been optimized to help you save considerable time in management time.

Easy to combine with weighing transactions, one click is enough to transform your container rentals into truck weighing, and thus allow you to monitor the level of your inventory, processing, waste (residual material) versus upgraded material.